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Ehrhart Computer Centre (ECC)

The Ehrhart Computer Centre (ECC) completes 10 years of its existence. Due to the rapid changes in the field of computer, the centre has different types of Operating Systems and Hardware Configurations.The centre has four IBM servers with the support of various operating systems like Novell Netware, Windows NT and Redhat Linux.

Fifty new Pentium IV systems were added. The College has made a school campus agreement under Microsoft Company. All the latest softwares that are in the syllabus are available.

The ECC offers practical sessions in Computer for all the students studying in B.Sc., M.Sc., M.C.A., M.Sc. (Cyber Technology) & PGDCSA. Besides students of other departments like Commerce, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, BBA, Electronics, Botany, Economics and Statistics have computer practicals in the curriculum. There are also computer literacy practical classes offered for all the UG students.

The SHEPHERD department offers Government aided DCA and DOM courses for the rural girls, who do their practicals in the Computer Centre.

The centre is kept open from 8.00 am to 7.30 pm and is used by the students of Shift-I & Shift-II. The centre offers extra practical sessions for all the students on Saturdays when they are no classess. The MCA students do their mini projects during the summer holidays in the center.

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