Life-Line Wing

The Life-Line Wing is one of the wings in MAM. It is charismatic in nature. It involves silent meditation that leads to giving life to others through blood donation and organ donation.



 On 3rd August 2012 the LIFE-LINE wing of MAM was inaugurated by Dr. Kalavathy Ponniraivan, M.D., the former dean of Trichy Govt. Medical College, K.A.P.Viswanathan, and the present Chennai (SRM) Medical College and Research Center, Irungalur, Trichy. The MAM Logo and the Life-Line Logo were released.


  MAM’s Life-Line Wing has organized a “Mega Blood Donation Awareness Program“ in St.Joseph’s College, in collaboration with the G.H, Youth Red Cross of the College and the Students Council. Around 250 students gave 50,000 ml. of blood. But more than 750 students thronged to donate their blood. It was a grand success as the blood bank overflowed.


 The Life-Line wing of MAM  has organized the “Mega Eye-Donation Awareness Program and Rally” from St.Joseph’s College to St.Joseph’s Eye Hospital on 9th January 2013 at 12.00 noon in Jubilee Hall. Mr. Alexander Mohan, the Inspector General of Police has presided over the function and Ms. SubhaPrabu, the Deputy Administrator of St.Joseph’s Eye Hospital delivered the eye-donation awareness message. The Rally was flagged off by the IG on our College main gate at 1.00 p.m. Around 1000 boys went on holding the placards, banners, shouting slogans and distributing bit-notices in the artery roads of Trichy city, creating ripples of awareness in the hearts of the people. The program was roaring success as more than 500 students donated their eyes.








Inaguration of Life Line Wing





Blood Donation Camp




Mega Eye Donation Program and Rally