Rules Regarding Attendance

Attendance is obligatory in the College. Students are expected to attend classes every day without fail. However, if there are some important and genuine reasons such as family functions, ill-health, etc., students can avail leave after obtaining permission from the Vice-Principal (Academic) in the prescribed form available in the College Office.

  • Daily attendance of students is marked in a register by the individual teachers for every hour and the same is uploaded in the web. Students are expected to check their attendance entry and vigil over it. In case of any discrepancy, they should get it corrected by contacting the teacher concerned and the Vice-Principal (Academic) within two days. No request for correction will be entertained after two days.
  • If a student is absent for one hour in a day (either in first session/ in second session), he/she will be marked absent for half a day. If the absence is marked for three such single hours spread over in the five hours, it will be treated as full day.
  • For reasons of illness beyond two days, the leave application along with a medical certificate should be submitted by the parents/local guardian/to hostel director on or before the 5th day of illness. A fitness certificate from the Doctor who treated the student should be submitted on the day of rejoining the college. The submission of medical certificate does not entitle a student to earn attendance for the days of his/her absence. The Principal may condone lack of attendance upto 10% on medical grounds. Continued absence without leave (more than 10 days) will render a student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls.
  • Students involved in Co- and Extra-curricular activities and on-other duty (OD) leave and hence missing the regular classes should contact the respective authorities (HoDs, Physical Director, NCC Officer, Dean of Students’ Cultural Activities), who will recommend the case to the Vice-Principal (Administration) for attendance within four working days.
  • A maximum of only 15 days per semester is permitted for students on other duty attendance. However, specific cases which are likely to exceed this limit will be referred to the Principal well in advance for such special permission. On the completion of such activity, they should submit the attendance certificate/evidence.
  • Seventy five per cent attendance is a pre-requisite for – (a) permission to write semester examinations, and (b) award of scholarships of any kind. No exemption will be granted.
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