Profile of the Department

The Department of Biotechnology was started in 2002 to produce Post graduates to cater the needs of human resource required in Industries, National laboratories, R & D Labs, Pharmaceutical companies and Higher Education Institutes in India and abroad. Bharathidasan University has elevated our Department as a Research Department in the year 2007 and offered affiliation to conduct M.Phil and Ph.D. programs. The department is housed in a newly constructed Arrupe Library building consisting of class rooms with audio visual facilities, research laboratories, special labs for molecular biology, plant tissue culture and microbiology. The faculty has diverse background in subjects like Molecular Biology, Plant DNA bar-coding and spectral imaging. The Department is holding five recognized Ph. D. Guides in the field of Biotechnology and recognized for Major projects funded by DBT and UGC.

The department follows the co-education pattern and vigorously engages in teaching, research and co-curricular activity to boost up and build careers of the students. The students are trained to the new developments in Biotechnology research, communication skills, personality developments etc. by organizing:

  • Meeting with eminent Academicians and Scientists
  • Workshop/Symposia/Seminar - Participation
  • Industrial exposure towards new advancements
  • Internship
  • Domain based knowledge

Pass out students have been settled in various scientific organizations in India and abroad indicates the global acceptance of our department. The Department is currently maintaining 7 MoU?s with reputed National Institutions and Industry.

Course Design

Our M.Sc. Biotechnology Course is designed by Subject experts, Industrial Scientists, representative from our alumni, Present student representative and our faculty members to make the curriculum provide

  • in depth subject knowledge
  • adequate hands on skill on the various molecular techniques
  • Communication and
  • Research aptitude


To nurture world-class Biotechnologists with a potential to innovate, invent and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of society and environment.


  • Regular updation of the course curriculum to cater to the needs of academia and industry.
  • Initiate multi-disciplinary programs through academia-industry interface.
  • Emphasis on recent advancements in Biotechnology through organization of conferences, symposia, workshops.

In-built strength & unique advantages in the curriculum

  • Well designed course content and papers
  • Lab courses where students can acquire real `Hands on skill` on all molecular techniques and all essential higher end equipments
  • Scientific writing-writing abstracts from scientific articles published in biotechnology journals, interpretation and presentation of data in tabular formats and graphs and diagrams and writing full length papers on data provided.
  • Two weeks Industrial training at the end of 1st semester in the R &D units of leading biotechnology companies.
  • Two months Internship at the end of the 2nd semester at reputed research Institutes
  • One semester Project at reputed research Institutes

Curriculum supporting facilities

Department Library : Copies of the most frequently used books are also available in the Department for the use of students both for reading in the Department and home reading as well.

JosephJosephJosephJosephJosephAll the class rooms are provided with LCD and internet facilities for ICT mode of teaching and learning.

Spacious, well equipped and furnished laboratories

Thinking Outside The Box - Elements

Inter Departmental courses (IDCs) available for the students

As one of the keys to success in ones career is `thinking outside the box`. Students are provided with a wide range of supportive courses commonly called IDC (interdepartmental course), offered by other Departments to learn some aspects outside the core curriculum that

  • Supports your future career whether aiming at higher education, employment, entrepreneur etc.
  • provides an edge over others in the field of your choice
  • makes you think innovative in your endeavor

One should take two IDCs one in the semester 2 and the other in the Semester 3. In the semester 2 it is mandatory that students should take Soft Skills offered by the Joseph Academy of Soft Skills (JASS) as their IDC. Soft skills offer cluster of skills such as

  • Personality traits,
  • Social graces,
  • Communication,
  • Personal habits,
  • Friendliness,
  • Optimism
  • individual`s interactions,
  • job performance and
  • career prospects

which are essential for the success of your career . In the semester 3 students have a choice of taking up any one of the IDCs24 according to their future plan.

  • Facilities are available to learn special software packages for example SPSS (Statistical software), Photoshop, flash etc. off the class hours


In order to inculcate innovative thinking and leadership qualities and bring out the talents in the students we conduct every year innovative scientific programs such as exhibition Joseph on biotechnology, Continuing Medical Education programs (CME),intercollegiate contests etc.

Under CME program in 2013 the concept was stem cells, in which experts` talks on the various aspects of stem cells, intercollegiate contests such as oration, quiz and poster presentation were conducted. Diabetics is taken as the theme of the CME Program 2014 January. Every year one such theme is taken and the whole program is designed, meticulously planned and conducted by our students. The beneficiaries of the programs are school and college students, Medical professionals and the interested public.Joseph

JosephStudents have lot of opportunities to their extracurricular activities in fine arts, sports and organizing rallies and have bagged lots of trophies and medals.

Students are encouraged to attend and present papers in National seminars and workshops in the field of Biotechnology.


Every year on the Graduation day our alumni converge in the department and spend the day in the Department with the present students. The Department Database of our alumni is updated and this meet not only inspires our students but also provides good meeting ground to explore their future prospects and get guidance from their seniors.


Healthy practices are focused to ensure a holistic formation in good values and impart in them a value added education.

  • Mentors for each class and Lady faculty to support the needs of the girl students.
  • Support guidance to work in the National Laboratories and reputed Research organizations
  • Encourages the students to attend National and International Conferences and present papers so as to provide them exposure and contacts with scientists and Institutions of their interest
  • Celebrate the Birthdays of the students, Welcome fresher`s and adieu meets that help the students strengthen their inter person relationship and concern.
  • Programs to build team spirit and leadership qualities
  • Display of clippings on great personalities and their quotes, Morals,
  • Daily readings from Holy scriptures of various religions

Extension activities

Shepherd web site the objective of the activities is to create the social awareness and concern and the program is conducted by the Extension Department-SHEPHERD.



Department Activities

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