Papers Published by the Faculty

Author(s) & Title Publications Year
Arulthanthai Kowsanal Thodankiya Kalvippani indru namakku vidukkum savaal Neethi Vetkai Porali Arulthanthai Athiriyan Kowsanal Adikalar Vl.No. 0 2015
Christians and Indian Freedom Movement: Role of Christians in Tamil Nadu in Individual Satyagraha and Quit India Movement Church History of India Vl.No. VXLIII No.2 2015
Role of Christian Missionaries in Internationalizing Tamil Studies The Ideological Hegemony of the Tamil Classical Literature on the Socio-Cultural and Political Life of Tamil Nadu Through the Ages Vl.No. 0 2015
Christian Educational Institutions and the National Awakening Indian Historical Studies Vl.No. XI, No. 1 2014
Nature of Anti Colonial Struggle in Tiruchirappalli Popular Uprisings In India With Special Reference To Tamil Nadu 1750-1857 Vl.No. 0 2016
Tamil Nadu History Congress Vl.No. 0 2012
Settlement of Tottiyans in the Tamil Region: An Episodic Study Indian Historical Studies Vl.No. XIII (No.2) & XIV (No.1) 2017
Contextualizing Perceptions on Kattabomman Indian Historical Studies Vl.No. Vol. IX, No.2 2013
Historical Material in Veerapandya Kattabommu Kathaipadal: A Study N. Chandramouli (ed.), Twilight of the Past: Probing Indian History and Archaeology Vl.No. 0 2011
Panjalankurichi Revolt: A History from Below Proceedings of South Indian History Congress Vl.No. 2008

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