Papers Published by the Faculty

Author(s) & Title Publications Year
Dr. J. Santhosh Kumar
Nature of Anti Colonial Struggle in Tiruchirappalli Popular Uprisings In India With Special Reference To Tamil Nadu 1750-1857 Vl.No. 0 2016
Tamil Nadu History Congress Vl.No. 0 2012
Dr. P.J. Biju Joseph
Open Educational Resources in History- Opportunities and Challanges Indian Historical Studies Vl.No. XIII (No.2) & XIV (NO.1) 2017
Unsung Historian Cadambi Minakshi Tamil Nadu History Congress Proceedings Vl.No. XVIII 2012
Dr.S. Manikandan
Settlement of Tottiyans in the Tamil Region: An Episodic Study Indian Historical Studies Vl.No. XIII (No.2) & XIV (No.1) 2018

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