Profile of the Department

The history of the Botany department of this college dates back to 1912, when the study of Natural Science was introduced at the Intermediate courses. Rev. Fr. Gombert, SJ, was guiding the Botany and Zoology sections.
The Students of the Natural Science stream occupied the top slots in the medical and engineering centers of the country. The Botany course appeared in 1930 as an ancillary subject to the B.Sc., and B.A., major courses. From 1952 on wards Rev. Fr. Rapinat was pioneering the department in the early periods. Under his guidance the B.Sc., degree Botany course was started in 1952. He made extensive collections of plants and preserved them in the herbarium. He equipped the laboratories and library with a view to start post-graduate course. The M.Sc., degree in Botany was introduced in 1958, and the department was the first to offer it outside the Madras city in Tamil Nadu. The department was primarily engaged in preparing the students in B.Sc., and M.Sc., degrees till 1973, when the Research section was opened by the initiative of Rev. Fr. J. L. Gnanarethinum SJ. Research activities were conducted in plant physiology, plant biochemistry, palynology and ecology.
When this college became autonomous in 1978, a thorough reorientation was given to the B.Sc., and M. Sc., courses making them socially relevant and research oriented. The Rapinat Herbarium, a center for Plant Taxonomic research has its origin from this department. A large number of herbarium specimens, books, reprints and journals have been gifted to the herbarium and this formed the nucleus around which it expanded to the present status of international repute. Reading the signs of times and demand generated for job oriented modern programs the department of Botany took the initiative to offer M.Sc., Biochemistry as an interdisciplinary course in 1992. Later in 2001, M.Sc., Biotechnology course was started. Projects funded by UGC, DST, CSIR, DBT, MoEF and NMPB have been sanctioned.
The department established a glass house in 1980 which was renovated in 1998. It is useful for controlled cultivation of plants and is at the service of the post graduates during their dissertation. A tissue culture laboratory was established in 1993 and a separate microbiology laboratory was added in 1999. Our department has obtained Grant from DST and FIST Programme in the year 2010. Till now 62 scholars have obtained Ph.D degree and 195 got their M. Phil degree through this department.

Objectives of the Department

  • Provide the finest opportunities and environment for teaching, learning and research in various areas of plant sciences.
  • Promote sustainable human development by ensuring the participation of almost all students in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.
  • Increase the employability of the maximum number of students by arranging the campus interview.
  • Promote the self employment of the students through various areas of plant sciences.
  • Organize various extension activities in the areas of plant sciences, environment and human values.
  • Organize various extension activities for cultivation of democratic and human values.
  • Develop the abilities of right kind of leadership amongst the students from rural area in all walks of life.
  • Transfer the knowledge and skills for fulfillment of changing needs/changing society.
  • Provide the opportunities of higher education for upliftment and empowerment


  • To produce good citizens
  • To develop highly intellectual Botanists
  • To make individuals with social concerns through productive research

Uniqueness, thrust and specialty of the program(s)


  • Organizing workshops, colloquia and symposia on thrust areas of plant science in collaboration with others scientific bodies.
  • Exposing the members to various industrial applications of Botany through visits to industries thereby increasing the scope for Academy-Industry-Interaction.
  • Conducting quiz and poster presentation programmes to students to increase the general awareness and popularize the subjects among natural lovers.


  • K.S. Varier`s Ashtanga Ayurvedics (P) Ltd., Tiruchirapalli 620 102
  • National Research Centre for Banana, Tiruchirapalli 620 102
  • ANSA Herbs and Foods Pvt. Ltd., Tiruchirapalli 620 017

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