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Clives House - A Short History

Robert Clive, Major General, who started out as an assistant shopkeeper in June, 1744 in a small settlement at Fort St. George near the village of Madraspatnam (now Chennai City) gradually grew in stature through intelligence and in the establishment of military and political supremacy of the East India Company. In 1751, the British military officers offered Clive to lead an expedition to relieve Trichinopoly (Tiruchirapalli), where Mohamed Ali, the British candidate for Nawob, or ruler, was tactically besieged by Chanda Sahib, the French candidate.

The Treaty of Paris in 1763 confirmed this, and in 1765 the Emperor at Delhi admitted British hegemony in Southern India. Clive's brilliant military leadership, timely strategy and tactical moves at Arcot gave him an immense reputation back in England. During the testing time English Soldiers and their Robert Clive Commander stayed in Trichinopoly under the Rock Fort. St. Joseph’s College, established in 1844 by the Fathers of Society of Jesus (called - The Jesuits), is one of the oldest institutes in the World and is one of the well-known Colleges in India. This College celebrates 175 years Old in 2019.

When the institution was moved over to Trichinopoly from Nagapatnam (now Tamil Nadu) in 1880s, Clive House became the College as well Hostel for the students from other places. Clive Hostel, at the foot of the Rock Fort, facing the Nayak- built temple tank (Teppakulam in local parlance) is a famous landmark in Tiruchirapalli city.

In 1884 the college was shifted to newly constructed building close to main guard gate. From that time onwards Clive House became a hostel for the college students and college sports men. And in 2014 with a renovation, Clive House became a formation house for the Jesuit Scholastics who are studying at St. Joseph College.

Now there are 35 Jesuit Scholastics from 10 different Provinces from 8 Northern States, studying under-graduation and post graduation of Arts and Science in St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous).

Rev.Fr.S.Arul Oli, SJ

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