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  • Student absents himself/herself from a component or Mid semester test for valid reasons will be given another opportunity, provided he/she produces relevant documents as soon as he/she returns to the college within a week. The required pro-forma for rewriting the Mid semester test or assignment component is available in the website. Fr. Principal has to give permission using his discretion based on the recommendation of the course teacher and HoD concerned.

  • Students are eligible to write Semester Exams only after they score 40 marks in a course for UG and 50 marks in a course for PG Programmes. There is no CIA Improvement. Those who fail to acquire the minimum CIA are entitled to appear for CIA Arrears.

  • CIA Arrears (if any, during the study years) will have the same components as that of the Regular CIA. The Library Attendance Marks are to be carried forward to the CIA Arrears from their Regular study. Time interval to clear CIA Arrears will be a period of TWO years with a maximum of FOUR attempts with the same syllabus. CIA Arrears (after the student leaves the college): one 3 hours Test for 70 marks and one Assignment component for 30 marks

  • Community Service (SHEPHERD) is a unique and compulsory course for all UG & PG students. SHEPHERD in Part-V, Foundation Courses and Bridge Course in English in Part-IV are also important courses of the UG degree programme. If a student fails to fulfill the requirement of all the courses, he/she will not be receiving the degree certificate.


  • In case of malpractice in the Mid/End Semester tests, the CIA for that particular course will be scrapped and students will not be permitted to appear for the semester examinations for that course alone; but he/she will be permitted to do so in the consecutive semester as an arrear course after gaining the required CIA marks.

  • In case of malpractice in the Semester Examinations, all the courses in that semester remain canceled except for the courses such as Practical, Project, Internship. However, his/her CIA marks will be considered. He/ she will not be permitted to appear for two semesters (including the current). He/she could appear only after two semesters. However he/ she is permitted to appear for arrear examinations.

  • In case of malpractice in the Arrear Examinations, all the arrear courses will remain cancelled. He/she is permitted to appear after two semesters (including the current). His/her CIA marks will be considered.

Time Ceiling for Completion of Degree

The Academic Council permits UG students to complete their programme within six years (3+3) and PG students within four years (2+2) (for MCA: 3+3). If there is any change in the course due to change of syllabus, the equivalent course identified by the respective HoDs and Dean of that school will be the new course for CIA and Semester Examination. Previous CIA marks will not be considered for acquiring the degree.


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