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New Hostel

The NEW HOSTEL is a closely-knit unit of St.Joseph's family. It was founded in 1939 and is conducted by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus. It is a home away from home, a temple of learning and a family that has a long living tradition.

The motto of the New Hostel is "COR UNUM" (One Heart). The hostel has 4 Blocks with 310 rooms (single, double and triple beds) and can accommodate 830 students. The hostel provides 2 messes and there are 2 dining halls with modern kitchen facilities. Visitors' Room, Reading Room, Music Room, Television Room, Prayer Hall, Meeting Hall, Play Ground (1 Basket Ball Court, 2 Volley Ball Courts, 3 Tennikoit courts) and public address system are the other facilities provided in this hostel.



Students are admitted to the New Hostel only after they secure admission to the College and after a personal interview with the Director. The parent of the applicant is required to be present at the time of the interview. Membership of the Hostel is for only one year. Senior students wishing to be readmitted will apply again in the prescribed form. Those who have not shown sufficient improvement in their studies and are failing consistently in the examinations may be denied renewal of membership in the hostel.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Each one is responsible for the cleanliness of the room as well as of his immediate surroundings. This goes a long way in making the hostel more healthy and an enjoyable place to live in. Pasting pictures and papers on the walls, doors or windows of the living room and driving nails on the walls are strictly forbidden. Common furniture and property should be responsibly used. Hence damage of any kind to furniture and other common articles should be brought immediately to the notice of the Director or Asst. Director who may deal with the situation at his discretion.


  • Breakfast : 7.00 am. to 8.00 am.
  • Lunch : 1.45 pm. to 2.30 pm.
  • Supper : 7.00 pm. to 8.00 pm.


Responsibility and self-discipline are the only means to success in life and these are necessary for community living. To help the students acquire responsibility and self-discipline and with a view to providing order and harmony in the hostel campus and an atmosphere for hard work and study, the following guidelines are presented.


Contact: 0431 - 422 - 6434

Directors Down the years

1939-1942Rev Fr X Ehrhart SJ
1942-1947Rev Fr A Rapinat SJ
1947-1948Rev Fr L Balam SJ
1948-1960Rev Fr T N Sequeira SJ
1960-1962Rev Fr M D Varkey SJ
1962-1970Rev Fr S M Irudayam SJ
1970-1972 Rev Fr Chandy Chalangady SJ
1972-1974 Rev Fr L Gnanarethinam SJ
1974-1978 Rev Fr Vitalis Diaz SJ
1978-1983 Rev Dr G Packiaraj SJ
1983-1984 Rev Fr Antony Arockiam SJ
1984-1987 Rev Dr Xavier Alphonse SJ
1987-1989 Rev Dr Francis M Peter SJ
1989-1992 Rev Dr Ignacimuthu SJ
1992-1996 Rev Fr Wellington SJ
1996-1997 Rev Dr Sebastian Anand SJ
1997-2000 Rev Dr A Antonysamy SJ
2000-2003 Rev Fr Samuel Jeyaseelan SJ
2003-2004 Rev Fr Maria Augustine SJ
2004-2006Rev Dr A Joseph SJ
2006-2007Rev Fr P Susai SJ
2007-2009 Rev Dr G Joseph Antonysamy SJ
2009-2010 Rev Fr Samuel Jeyaseelan SJ
2010-2011 Rev Dr Sebastian Anand SJ
2011-2012 Rev Fr S Paul Pragash SJ
2012-2014 Rev Fr Mount Joe Selvan SJ
2014-2017 Rev Fr Michael John SJ
2017-2020 Rev Fr S Aruldoss SJ
2020- Rev Dr S Paul Pragash SJ

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