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St. Theresa Girls' Hostel

As part of its ongoing mission with the aim of forming men and women, St. Joseph's College Society has undertaken various initiatives ever since 1844. One of its initiatives is to provide hostel facilities for girl students to enhance a better ambient to study. Accordingly, St. Theresa Girls' Hostel was built in Melachinthamani with the partial contribution from the University Grants Commission and started functioning from 31st July 2012 providing optimum conditions for developing the personal and emotional aspects of girl students of St. Joseph's College. The society is glad to receive the kind collaboration of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Anne, Tiruchirappalli for the regular running of the hostel. Two sisters serve as Director and Assistant Director of St. Theresa Girls' Hostel.

The motto of St. Theresa Girls' Hostel is 'TOWARDS LIFE OF FULLNESS IN LITTLE STEPS'. Currently there are 160 inmates who come from different places and background and form one family without any distinction on the basis of rich and poor or caste, colour and religion. Thus it is a common and united endeavour to help the students to be physically fit, intellectually alert, morally upright, emotionally integrated, socially aware and religiously oriented persons. Once of our main concerns is the character and intellectual formation of the girl students of St. Joseph's College.

Contact: 0431 - 270 5667 / 97894 97943