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Camboulives College Band

(Vocational Music Training Center)

The Camboulives Symphony Orchestra Band was established in 1896-98 under the aegis of Rev.Fr.Camboulives,S.J., a French Missionary. It is more than 100 years old. This band serves as a conservatory which prepares students for a professional career in music.

It draws on a long tradition of innovative study made in symphony music. The band provides a certificate validated by the Rector and the Principal of the institution. The main objective of the band is to provide intensive and systematic training to the aspirants in music education so that they can get placement in organisations like Central and State Police Bands all over India,the Government of India Defence Services i.e. Army, Navy, and Air Force, Public Transport Corporations, Railways; Post and Telegraph Services, BHEL, Neyveli Lignite Corporation and Five Star Hotels.

It was a delightful moment to the bandsmen when our beloved Scientist - President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, enthralled by the melodies played by our College Band on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the College (20th Dec.), deviated from the security protocol to shake hands with the band boys. He appreciated them for playing a 'fantastic' National Anthem. Coming from a musician-president, it was an appreciation that would be cherished for life by the bandsmen. Earlier during the day, when more than 8000 students had been kept waiting in the hot sun, the Band captivated the crowd with its lovely tunes.

Staying in tune with technology, the band has a computer-aided music teaching center that puts into use multimedia tools such as the 'Music Scultors' ( a simulation of the keyboard through the computers) for effective teaching of music. Student's performances are recorded in computer and played back to them so that they could judge their own standards. The training is entirely free of cost and all trainees are issued certificates when they pass out of the institution. "Along with music we also teach values", says Rev.Fr.Roche SJ, the Director.

Band Masters - Down the Years

Sl. No. Name of the Band Masters Years
1 Noircourt,S.J. 1896-1898
2 Rev.Fr.A.Camboulives,S.J. 1898-1905
3 Rev.Fr.Perrier, S.J. 1905-1907
4 Rev.Fr.Lebeau,S.J. 1907-1908
5 Rev.Fr.Yvenat,S.J. 1908-1910
6 Rev.Fr.A.Ayraud,S.J. 1910-1912
7 Rev.Fr.F.Varin,S.J. 1912-1916
8 Rev.Fr.A.Matheison, S.J. 1916-1918
9 Rev.Fr.Gilmore, 1918-1920
10 Rev.Fr.A.Camboulives,S.J. 1920-1941
11 Rev.Fr.R.Burck,S.J. 1941-1942
12 Rev.Fr.A.Fournier,S.J. 1942-1943
13 Rev.Fr.B.J.Coyle,S.J. 1943-1945
14 Rev.Fr.A.Fournier,S.J. 1945-1948
15 Rev.Fr.B.J.Coyle,S.J. 1948-1949
16 Rev.Fr.Benjamin Natar,S.J. 1949-1950
17 Rev.Fr.B.J.Coyle,S.J. 1951-1954
18 Rev.Fr.A.Fournier,S.J. 1954-1959
19 Rev.Fr.Benjamin Natar,S.J. 1959-1960
20 Rev.Fr.M.Michel Raj,S.J. 1960-1961
21 Rev.Fr.Ignatius Hirudayam,S.J. 1961-1962
22 Rev.Fr.A.Fournier,S.J. 1962-1963
23 Rev.Fr.G.Casmir,S.J. 1963-1965
24 Rev.Fr.A.Machado,S.J. 1965-1966
25 Rev.Fr.B.J.Coyle,S.J. 1966-1971
26 Rev.Fr.G.Casmir,S.J. 1971-1974
27 Rev.Fr.Vitalis Diaz,S.J. 1974-1978
28 Rev.Fr.S.Roche,S.J. 1978-1982
29 Rev. John Britto,S.J. 1982-1984
30 Rev.Fr.J.M.Das,S.J. 1984-1985
31 Rev.Fr.Rajarethinam,S.J. 1985-1986
32 Rev.Fr.S.M.Selvaraj,S.J. 1986-1988
33 Rev.Fr.M.Charles,S.J. 1988-1993
34 Rev.Fr.S.Roche,S.J. 1993-2012
35 Rev.Dr.M.Charles, SJ 2012-2014
36 Rev.Dr.G.Pushparaj, SJ 2014-

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