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International Conference
Mathematical Sciences & Applications

March 09 - 11th, 2022

Endowment in honour of Rev. Dr. A. Albert Muthumalai SJ

Rev. Dr. A. Albert Muthumalai SJFr Albert Muthumalai SJ retired on May 2013 after an excellent service for 25 years as a Professor of Mathematics. Fr Muthumalai has worked as the Rector of St. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai, Principal of Loyola College, Chennai and Secretary and Principal of St. Joseph's College, Tiruchirappalli. Loyola College, Chennai emerged and retained the position as one of the Top Ten Colleges in India during his tenure of six years as Principal. Though he served St. Joseph's a short duration, his contribution was remarkable. The academic calendar of 2010 - 2011 was an era of challenge and achievements under his leadership as Secretary of the college. The way he faced and solved the problems was simply amazing. He accepted the office of Principal of St. Joseph's at the fag end of his career and he revitalized the potentials of the college with a fine blend of healthy practices and academic acumen.. In a short duration of one year as Principal he inspired the college community towards realizing their academic goals. Punctuality was his prime virtue. He is currently the Parish Priest of Oriyur Arulananthar church, Ramanathapuram.

He did B.Sc Mathematics at Loyola College, Chennai and M.Sc at St. Joseph's College, Trichy. He received his doctoral degree in Graph Theory from the University of Madras.

The department of Mathematics at St. Joseph's was privileged to had the good teacher and dedicated Priest in the person of Dr. Albert Muthumalai SJ. He gave great importance to professional ethics. He never missed class on account of official work. He would be waiting outside the class room before the bell goes - a role model to Teachers.

An endowment was instituted in May 2013 by the friends, students and the well wishers of Rev Fr A Albert Muthumalai SJ to honour the former Principal of St. Joseph's College with the purpose of conducting national / international conference every year. This is the eleventh consecutive year wherein the department is conducting conference

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