Dear Friends


St. Joseph's has achieved yet another success in its annals by securing 25th place at the all India level in the NIRF ranking for 2023 released by the Government of India recently. The college continues to receive a number of blessings from God through the powerful intercession of St. Joseph, our Patron. We became the first autonomous arts and science college in India to achieve A++ Grade in the IV Cycle of accreditation by NAAC in the tough, rigorous and robust new format. It is a rare achievement and recognition among the Higher Educational Institutions in India. We accomplished it in the historic Dodransbicenetennial (180th) year, as we concluded the Jubilee Celebrations. These recognitions were added to the previous significant milestones like the UGC conferring on St. Joseph's the honour of the only Special Heritage College status in Tamil Nadu and the SERO region, the College with Potential for Excellence, DST - FIST Star College Status and Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station status. All these honours and recognitions are the results of our rich tradition, systematic planning, commitment to the mission, hard work, team spirit, concerted efforts and continued meaningful involvement of all our stakeholders in providing quality education to the poor and the marginalised.

The college has been striving its best to contribute to the nation and humanity through its committed service in education. We gratefully remember the selfless service rendered by our forefathers - French and other foreign missionaries, Indian Jesuits, faculty, non-teaching friends and alumni all through the years in forming and moulding the life and the character of thousands of students. We carry on with a sense of satisfaction the baton of higher education they passed on to us. We continue to embellish the foundation of the students' all round formation they had laid. As cura personalis (personal care) is the characteristic of Jesuit education, St. Joseph's has been concentrating on the integral formation of our students. Further, we constantly strive to achieve more in our mission of academic excellence.

Quality is the watchword in all spheres of life and it is more so in academics. A general understanding of quality assurance and enhancement is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the higher levels of excellence. For us, quality education is to provide the best to the least and prepare men and women for others who would act as catalysts in the process of social transformation.

St. Joseph's believes that the very act of assuring quality is to be embedded in the thought process because quality assurance is not a product but an ongoing process, a culture and a way of life wherein all segments of an institution are actively involved. Therefore, in our aim to provide quality education, we constantly enhance the quality of curriculum, pedagogy, evaluation, research, extension and governance in the true spirit of Magis, the lgnatian term meaning more or greater or doing more for others. Of course, it is an unending process and a struggle. Keeping the spirit of Magis as driving force, St. Joseph's creates space for the holistic formation of students and provides platform for all other stakeholders to blossom in their collaboration towards achieving academic excellence.

With Good Wishes and Prayers.

Rev. Dr. M. Arockiasamy Xavier, S.J.,


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